• Whipsmart Yoga Pleasure Sex Swing

Whipsmart Yoga Pleasure Sex Swing


Work up a sweat and enhance your flexibility with something even hotter than Bikram yoga: the Whipsmart™ Yoga Pleasure Sex Swing!

This sex swing is a bedroom essential for any adventurous couple looking to experiment and explore the wide world of satisfying sex positions! The Whipsmart Yoga Pleasure Sex Swing allows for deep penetration with minimal strain and supports you through all the vertical or horizontal positions you could ever hope for. The sturdy fabric straps are made from silky-soft, plush nylon with padded handles for your comfort and the strong metal bar above you provides solid support for you to grab onto for even more leverage and thrusting power! The quick-release carabiners offer reliably robust strap support, yet are also easy and convenient to operate for quick position changes. With a fully adjustable design, you're sure to be swinging your way to satisfaction in exciting new positions in no time!

ThWhipsmart Yoga Pleasure Sex Swing is quick and easy to assemble with just a few common household tools and can be installed in a doorway or a strong ceiling beam stud. It can hold up to 181 kilograms or 400 pounds, ensuring the two of you can have truly weightless fun, totally unrestricted by gravity. What positions will your imaginations dream up?

Key features of the Whipsmart Yoga Pleasure Sex Swing:

  • Lets you experiment with exciting new horizontal & vertical sex positions
  • Silky-soft plush nylon fabric straps & padded handles for your comfort
  • Quick-release carabiners for reliably robust support & easy changes
  • Fully adjustable to suit your bodies & be comfortable in all positions
  • Quick & easy to install with common household tools in a doorway or ceiling
  • The heavy-duty metal bar provides extra leverage & holds up to 181kg/400lb


  • Plush nylon fabric
  • Metal

What's included with the WhipSmart Yoga Pleasure Sex Swing:

  • Eyelet bolt (for screwing into a doorframe or strong ceiling beam)
  • High-tension steel spring
  • Designed bracket
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • Fully adjustable body support
  • Fully adjustable wrist & ankle supports