• Satisfyer Marvelous Four

Satisfyer Marvelous Four

  • This multi-purpose vibrator set is truly a super-sounding wonder that listens to your truest cravings!.
  • The Marvelous Four has 4 sets of different functional sets to please you at any time easily switch attachments with a 90 click and rotate action providing real product variety making it a great choice for any player who wants to explore and find fun.
  • In order to increase the comfort of use Marvelous Four uses the curvature of the palm to design a handle that fits the hand and is ergonomic.
  • Pink sucking.
  • tightly attached to the C-spot of the clitoris turning on the switch of desire.
  • Pink and blue ears.
  • C point G point double attack inside and outside until the deepest climax.
  • Pink and yellow backyard.
  • Let desire run wild explore mysterious lust.
  • Pink and purple pullover.
  • tease foreplay stimulate and massage sensitive parts Marvelous Four is easy to operate with 11 suction pressure wave modes and 12 vibration modes teasing the sensitive areas of the whole body strong power and depth are at your disposal to satisfy your desire.