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Gangster Dong (Dickie Smalls) 6" Flesh

"Wise guys" like Dickie get ahead because they know that technique and discretion count. Never one to lead with size Smalls satisfies by being enough but not too much.

Gangster Dong (Al Cabone) 8" Flesh

Gangster Dong (Al Cabone) 8" Flesh Large in stature and flush with loot, Al Cabone lavishes his ladies with refined delight.  Always ready for a firm hand, Cabone is notoriously relentless in the sack and is definitely sized right for any lady in need of adventure.

: Flesh
: 6.8cm x 6.2cm x 20.5 cm
: PVC 

8” (6” insertable length)


Gangster Dong (Jimmy Two-Balls) 8" Flesh

Although heads got a soft touch Jimmy is an old fashioned intimidator with a length and girth that leaves no room for negotiation. Jimmy Two Balls is not to be second guessed heads thick and strong and best handled by a woman who likes to live on the wild side.

Gangster Dong (Dong Corliogne) 8" Flesh

Dong Corliogne leads his crew like they are his family. Firm but soft Dong takes his time but acts with conviction when heads ready and is sure to make you an offer that can't be refused.

Gangster Dong (Rocky Hard) 7.5" Flesh

Rocky's reputation was built the old fashioned way; nailing one wise girl at a time. With looks that can kill and the touch to excite Rocky is always ready for action...are you game!